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Coefficiency frequently asked questions1. How is Coefficiency different to other environmental consultants?

We define ourselves as behaviour change specialists working in the environmental sustainability area.
Choosing to work exclusively with not for profit and community organisations enables us to stay informed on the issues your organisation faces and customise our programs to best meet your needs.

We will provide your organisation with a comprehensive list of environmental measures & processes AND an evidence based framework to integrate environmental sustainability into the culture of your organisation.

2. We are a busy organisation, could you send someone out to do the entire implementation?

In order for your organisation’s Environmental Sustainability Program to be successful, it is important that staff have input, ownership and involvement in the process.

Coefficiency provides a service which balances the need for staff involvement with the understanding that most not for profit organisations are busy with other priorities and do not have the capacity and resources to proactively lead the integration of this program.

We will work one on one with an identified staff member from your organisation to support the integration of our recommendations for your organisation.

3. I do not believe in man made climate change, why should I participate?

You do not need to be a believer in man made climate change to benefit from reducing the environmental impacts of your organisation’s operations.

Coefficiency only provides recommendations that support not for profit organisations to reduce their costs, keep their staff happy and attract more funds. These alone should drive not for profit decision makers to implement environmental sustainability measures within their organisation.

The only difference is that climate change believers will enjoy the added benefit of reducing their organisation’s environmental impacts on our shared natural environment.

4. Why do we need Environmental Certification?

Environmental certification provides organisations with external verification of your environmental measures.

It is the difference between you telling a stakeholder that you’ve implemented A,B & C and a reputable certifier, confirming that they have looked at all your evidence and can confirm that you’re doing A, B & C. This credibility can make all the difference.

Your environmental certification can be displayed and communicated in annual reports, websites, funding and tendering documents and waiting areas where visitors can learn about your organisation’s commitment to the environment.

5. We are interested in the GreenBizCheck not for profit certification. Do we need to implement all the measures recommended in order to achieve certification?

No, we will meet with decision makers in your organisation to discuss your Recommendations Report. During this process, we will support them to make as many realistic and achievable commitments from the list of measures we suggest.

The more measures that are implemented, the more likelihood of your organisation achieving certification. Each measure is allocated a percentage weighting based on its impact on the environment.

Your organisation will qualify for GreenBizCheck Bronze certification if your measures total more than 70%, Silver if more than 80% and Gold if more than 90%.

6. I am interested in what you offer but I am not a registered not for profit, how do I access the benefits of your services?

Please contact us with details of the sector you work in and your location and we will refer you to the appropriate service provider.

7. Is there funding to pay for the work that Coefficiency does?

There are some state based and philanthropic funding sources for some of the services that we offer.

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We are happy to have a chat and discuss ideas and strategies around your organisation’s application for relevant funding, so just contact us to organise a time.

8. Online shop – GST & pricing details

No GST has been charged on the prices on this website, and they are all in AUD.


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