Our Philosophy

Coefficiency our philosophyHaving worked with the not for profit and community sector for over a decade, it is our experience that the principles of social and community responsibility are paramount to the people who work in the sector.

Our aim is to include a principle of environmental responsibility in everyday operations.

In addition to asking ‘What can I do to support my organisation’s mission?’, staff should consider ‘How can I conduct my activities and minimise their impact on the environment?’

Our team believe in providing carefully considered evidence based information and services that take into account the unique characteristics of the not for profit and community sector.

We seek out information and services that have the potential to be beneficial for the sector, customise them for the unique conditions that face the sector and negotiate discounts to make high quality services affordable and accessible to not for profit and community organisations.

Coefficiency believes:

    • The not for profit and community sector is a cornerstone of our society and thus should be strengthened, supported and celebrated
    • The manner in which our current choices and behaviours impact on our shared natural environment is unsustainable
    • We all have a responsibility to consider the environmental impacts of our actions, and make appropriate changes to minimise that impact

We Live and Breathe It

Coefficiency pledges to operate with environmental responsibility.

We have achieved GreenBizCheck Gold Certification, which is the highest level issued. It recognises that Coefficiency has integrated a minimum of 90% of GreenBizCheck recommended measures into our workplace.

Coefficiency is committed to the use of products and processes that minimise our impact on our shared natural environment.

Some of the key measures that we have integrated into our operations include:

    • Solar power and rainwater tanks for our head office
    • Minimising our use of paper, and where required, only using recycled paper and paper products
    • Purchasing energy efficient appliances
    • Maximising our use of teleconferencing and videoconferencing to avoid travel
    • Offsetting the full global warming impact of our air travel with Climate Friendly

Please contact us to discuss how to implement similar measures in your not for profit or community organisation.

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