CEA leads Victorian Community Service Pilot Program

Norwood AssociationThe Victorian Council of Social Services (VCOSS), in partnership with Coefficiency (CEA) are pleased to announce Norwood Services as the successful applicant for the VCOSS Pilot Sustainability Program.

Norwood Services provides a range of recovery and rehabilitation services for people living with mental health issues in the Brimbank, Melton and Sunbury communities. They focus on addressing the impact of mental illness on a person’s daily activities and the resulting social disadvantage faced by individuals.

This Pilot Sustainability Program is an ideal opportunity to ‘access expertise and guidance in something that we have been trying to do without direction’ said Nicole Gibbs, the CEO of Norwood Services. Norwood Services will be supported by Coefficiency to work through an 8- month program to improve their environmental sustainability and promote their environmental credentials to funders and other stakeholders.

According to Shasi Johnston, Managing Director of Coefficiency, this supported program will not only benefit the environment, Norwood will also generate savings from using resources more efficiently and strengthen their team by addressing an issue that is of growing importance among the Australian not for profit workforce.