Prepare your organisation and your clients for a Clean Energy Future

The Clean Energy Future plan (commonly referred to as the Carbon Tax) was passed by the Australian Senate on the 8th November 2011.  This plan aims to source 20% of Australia’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

What is the Clean Energy Future plan?

From 1 July 2012, 500 of Australia’s largest emitters of carbon pollution will be charged for every tonne of carbon emissions they produce.  60 of these companies are electricity generators and it is expected that these companies will pass on this cost to their consumers by increasing electricity prices.

Impact of the Carbon Price

Your organisation and your clients will be directly affected by increases to electricity and other goods and services that have high carbon emissions involved in their production[1]. The price increase for high polluting products and services will make cleaner options more competitive and encourage high emitting companies to look at efficient alternatives.

Prepare now

Managing Director of Coefficiency, Shasi Johnston, says that preparing for the Clean Energy Future plan will allow community organisations to reduce their energy costs before they rise.

“Now is the ideal time to start planning to reduce your organisation’s demand for electricity, and to provide accurate information and suggestions to your staff and clients,” Shasi says.

Your organisation and clients can implement some simple steps now to reduce your electricity bill and prepare for the carbon price.

Consider the following measures to start your organisation on a journey to improving energy efficiency:

  1. Replace lighting with energy efficient options
  2. Switch off all lights and appliances at the end of the day (except required refrigeration, security lights & server/data centre)
  3. Set photocopier/printer to power saving mode
  4. Switch off or use sleep mode instead of screen savers for computer monitors when away from desk

What assistance is out there for you?

The carbon price will be accompanied by incentives for community organisations to assist with the transition.  The Low Carbon Communities program will increase from $80 million to $200 million to assist with energy efficient upgrades.  In addition, industry associations will have access to $40 million to provide small business and community organisations with practical information to improve energy efficiency.

Households will also receive financial assistance in the form of tax cuts and increase government payments.  This means that you and your clients will have adequate financial and educational support to help transition towards the changes ahead.

CEO of the Australian Council of Social Service, Dr Cassandra Goldie, welcomes the passage of the Clean Energy Future Plan and the assistance that is provided to households.

“Effective and equitable action is vital to reduce carbon pollution … That is why we support the bill and have campaigned hard for the householder assistance package it contains which we believe will help vulnerable people meet any price rises that flow on to consumers,” Dr Goldie says.

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[1] Some high carbon intensive industries that have been given exemptions within the current plan. Visit for more information.