Not For Profit Programs

We can support your organisation by developing a customised Environmental Sustainability Program that takes into account your organisation’s culture, priorities and resources.

This is done via in depth consultation with key staff members about your organisation’s motivation, barriers and environmental goals.

Our staff are far more informed about the environmental impacts at work and committed to sustaining our environmental goals: Nicole Gibbs, CEO, Norwood Association

Our Process

Our not for profit Sustainability Programs are developed with you through the following process. We will support you to design a program that reflects your organisation’s culture and current resources.

1. Environmental Assessment & Opportunities Report

Conduct on-site or remote assessment of your office space, resource utilisation and baseline environmental measures.
From our assessment we will compile a report of baseline environmental measures and further opportunities in the areas of:

    • Organisational culture and strategy
    • Energy conservation
    • Water consumption reduction
    • Waste reduction and recycling
    • Transport and travel
    • Procurement and supply chain sustainability
    • Toxins in the workplace

This includes support for decision makers to identify short and long-term environmental goals that are realistic and achievable.

Sustainability program assessment report opportunities

2. Workshops & Education

Plan, deliver and evaluate workshops and education sessions for staff, environmental committees, executive teams and board members.

These sessions will prepare your participants to understand why your organisation is committing to improve its environmental sustainability and their role within this initiative.

Not for profit workshops and education

3. Implementation

Support the implementation of the measures identified in your organisation’s Opportunities Report or planning workshop.

This evidence-based approach will include:

    • Regular engagement with environmental champion or team
    • Customised policy and procedure documents
    • Customised visual and electronic notices
    • Customised guides and checklists

Sustainability program implementation

4. Environmental Certification

Support your organisation to obtain GreenBizCheck not for profit or ISO 14001 certification.

In addition, we can prepare your organisation to become a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant and be certified under ECO-Buy Sustainable Procurement Guidelines.

GreenBizCheck Not for profit gold environmental certification

5. Communication

We provide resources to promote your organisation’s environmental credentials to stakeholders. This can include:

    • Development of videos to communicate key messages to staff, funding bodies and clients
    • A website and communications review to assess the layout, content, search engine optimisation and communication of your sustainability credentials

Sustainability program communication

6. Monitoring & Evaluation

On-site or remote evaluation of the behavioural, environmental and financial outcomes. You will also receive a report detailing the aims, process and outcomes of your organisation’s Sustainability Program.

Sustainability program evaluation report

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